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stick figure Summer Project/Youtube

2012-06-15 06:23:31 by jacv645

Hai been ages since I actually updated my post but ima do it now....

After a long time practising animation I have decided to try and do a "summer project". but not madness animation(my first one didn't go so well >_>) but I will do my own little summer project with a stick animation :P (See the main below Its not much but I can work with what I have made so far)

Also I have my Youtube account, on there for now I will be posting replays of my fav game on psp Dissidia 012. untill i get a better pc ill have those replays up for now. so Subscribe to that if You want. But for now ima go and do some work on my animation after my exams :P

Ill update soon ;D

stick figure Summer Project/Youtube


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