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just a rondom guy who saves the the submisons who deserves to b part of newgrounds, i am also becoming an beginer with madness animation :D

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Posted by jacv645 - June 15th, 2012

Hai been ages since I actually updated my post but ima do it now....

After a long time practising animation I have decided to try and do a "summer project". but not madness animation(my first one didn't go so well >_>) but I will do my own little summer project with a stick animation :P (See the main below Its not much but I can work with what I have made so far)

Also I have my Youtube account, on there for now I will be posting replays of my fav game on psp Dissidia 012. untill i get a better pc ill have those replays up for now. so Subscribe to that if You want. But for now ima go and do some work on my animation after my exams :P

Ill update soon ;D

stick figure Summer Project/Youtube

Posted by jacv645 - March 5th, 2011

me again :l. i am going to try an make another flash (madness sprites or free hand) but i want it to have a story behind it insted of it ebing a random flash that means nothing

so if any1 has an idea for a storyline and wuld like to tell me just pm me plz that would b great

(if i cnt decide ill let the people decide)

i do want to get into flash and using madness evry now and again but i want to have a story to it so it can b better and probly see in provements in my rubish flash skills

PM if u gt any type of story line thnx
and also if any1 wants to help with animation then just say
thnx :)

Posted by jacv645 - March 5th, 2011

wow my first submision to NG atcually got thu.But anyway cus i got 1 person saying "theres no story line to it" i will probly try to make a pt.2 idk but im trying to make it anyways any tips on to make it better then the 1st 1???

Posted by jacv645 - February 25th, 2011

hello i need assistance from ppl who can animate madness combat i need to know how u make it look so smooth and not tacky write back plz i am new to this yet im in the middle of my first animation ever in just 3days of aving flash

Posted by jacv645 - February 24th, 2011

well my days of madness has begun and have started to animate my own madness combat scene.so far the toltal rames are only just over 200 so its like a minute long idk but i mite b submiting it on to newgrounds but shuld i???